Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We've got spirit, YES WE DO!!!

Update: Yes, Happy Green Boy won one of the best in his camp for team spirit!

So, last Thursday was the final swim class. The Happy Kiddos had such a blast! They even got to jump off the diving board in the deep end! Most kids just walked to the end of the board and jumped off to their teacher. Not Happy Boy, he shot off running as fast as he could...hence why there is no picture of his great feat - I just wasn't fast enough on the clicking. On his last jump he even did a twist off the board. The boy was a complete maniac, he was. Here are a couple of pics:

Then, this week Happy Boy is attending Jedi Training Camp! Yes, you heard right. It is a stage stunt camp at a local theatre academy. His first day was phenomenal and he was extremely pumped. Today is team spirit day and he went all out. Check it out!

Yes, friends! That is green food dye on his lips and tongue. I guess mom enjoys these days a little too much. heh.

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