Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy Days for Happy Boy.

When did this kid grow up?

He's not my little one anymore, he's a boy. And I'm not just talking about height...his personality, confidence, character all have grown.

He lost his first tooth a few weeks back. That was crazy weird.

Last week he started soccer. I was a bit nervous because his previous experience wasn't all that great. All day he was very excited and actually looking forward to it. We got the the fields and he ran right out there and was kicking the ball around waiting on the coach. After practice they have a scrimmage game, he kicked the first goal. The boy was completely engaged, I was so proud. But what really melted my heart was the story my hubby shared with me later that night. See, hubby came to the practice straight from work and Happy Boy rode home with him after the game. I guess in the car on the way home Happy Boy was on cloud nine and Hubby and him were talking about what a great day it had been. Happy Boy then said, "Dad, let's pray and thank God for letting me have such a great game." Sigh. I love that Boy!

Then this week...training wheels off the bike! Yep, the boy won't stop growing. Look at this crazy proud smile he is sporting.

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