Monday, March 10, 2008

See a penny, pick it up...

I don't think I've ever mentioned on my blog the amount of luck Happy Girl possesses. It is insane, really. God loves to spoil her and Happy Boy. Ever since she's been little, no matter how small her desire God seems to always make things work out for.

Like the time the Incredible toys were being handed out at McDonald's and she was missing one of her favorite characters. I took it as an opportunity to teach her that we can't always get everything we want. Then God punctuated the learning lesson by having that very character toy in the treasure box at church for her to win as a prize for knowing her memory verse.

Or the MANY times I've told her claw machines are just money traps to steal and rob little kids of their hard earned money, only to have her win time and time again. She's won a watch, a ball, another ball, a stuffed hockey toy, and a couple of other items I can't remember.

Or the other time we were at a charity event that was handing out door prizes, her ticket won a gift certificate to a restaurant. My hubby and I put down our tickets and Happy Boys tickets because what were the odds of winning again. Happy Girl insisted on reading the ticket with each give away...two more of the tickets we had were winners. 3 of us won prizes that night...really what are the odds? (I was tempted to head to the casinos that night. hahaha...just kidding!)

And there are so many other times when things have happened I've lost track and forgotten stories...I really should write them all down just for fun.

So, this afternoon is another example of how the girl's got luck. We're walking into a building and she's squeals with glee at the site of something on the ground. I assumed it was a penny and then I heard her say, "I just found ten bucks!"

Yes, people, that is the kind of luck that child has. No pennies on the ground for her.

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