Monday, March 03, 2008

I love that girl.

I've been following Sophie and Shannon and some of the other bloggers' African experience with Compassion. It has been wonderful to hear their stories and see their heart's transform through this experience. I've enjoyed it so much that I've been moved to sponsor a child as well. We are sponsoring a little girl from El Salvador whose name is Daniella. She is the same age as Happy Girl and they share the same birthday month. My hope is that some day we can afford a second sponsorship and find a boy who share's the same birthday as Happy Boy.

Anyway, through this whole Uganda blogging thing I had been sharing stories with the Happy Kids as I read them and telling them about how Compassion tries to reach out to kids. When we decided to sponsor a child the kiddos were pretty excited. But when they realized that they could communicate and exchange information with this new friend their excitement shot up about a gazillion levels. Happy Girl gave me a letter to send to Daniella, I've written it verbatim with my notes in parenthesis:

Hey Danyella, How are you doing? Well I'm doing great were sending money $
in. I speack Spanish and english. (That is crazy because she doesn't speak a
lick of Spanish)
Hey I can say uno. Well it's getting hot and cold. Well
nice talking to you! Were going to be best budies or friends. Well my name is (Happy Girl). I know your name it's Danyella. I live in the United
States of amiaca. What state do I live in? I live in Kansas, The Sunflower
state. My mom usto live in El Savador like you!!! Are last name is (Happy) I amost forgot! I have to tell you about God! God is a hero He
made you and me and every body. He lives in heven. Heven is a betiful plase. I
haven't been there yet but I'v herd about it. Well write me back!

Is that not just the sweetest note ever??!!!? You can see she takes after her mom with the "well"s and the poor grammar. Of course, she's eight and I'm thirty - I have no excuse.
God is a hero! That is just special. I hope someday we can visit El Salvador and meet Daniella in real life.

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