Monday, May 23, 2005

Breeze Moments

Breeze Moments...this is what I call those moments when you feel like your dreams have come true. I just experienced a Breeze Moment...I glanced out my window into my back yard to see my two beautiful children (Kiersten,5 and Joseph, 2) playing together. Kiersten was pushing Joseph on the swing and both were giggling and smiling. Ah, what a beautiful sight. These are the moments I thank God for. Moments I have dreamed of all my life and He has made real for me. When these moments arrive, I take a deep breath and I can feel a breeze. What an AWESOME God I serve.
Of course, it didn't last all that the time it has taken me to write this the moment has passed. Back to sibling spats.
Being a mom can be challenging and at times very nerve-wrecking. But it is those Breeze Moments that make it all worth while. I will charish each breeze when it comes.

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