Monday, December 05, 2005

Rebble with a cause

Every church has a rebel, but only Grace Church has Rebble. Rebble Kelsey that is.

My sweet friend (that’s what everybody calls her who has ever met her) started a blog this summer. It has only two entries but well worth the read. So, why was her blog so short-lived? For good reason, my friend. About the time Rebble was going to start a blog God dropped a humongous ministry idea in her precious head and it’s been no looking back for her since. Do read her post, it will show you her precious heart and make clear why this ministry has flourished.

Her ministry idea? A basket ministry. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming nature of its name, this ministry has had profound impact. It is comprised of an eclectic group of individuals who use their God-given talents. There are people who make quilts, people who make hand-made stationary, hand-made jewelry, shoppers, you name it. They prayerfully consider each item that will be included into each basket – every basket is as unique as the individual or family receiving it. That is what makes it such an impacting ministry.

The first time I personally was connected to a recipient of a basket was when my mother-in-law had surgery this summer. They gave her a basket that included some hand-made jewelry (she was very touched-she had recently began getting interested in hand-made jewelry), they gave her some hand-made thank you notes (to send to people who had given her flowers while in the hospital), they gave her a personalized picture frame that had the names of her grand-children wrapped around the frame, and more. It was a special gift to her.

Most recently, Rebble and her team made a care package for my neighbors. I don’t say basket because it was way more than that. I wanted to take a picture of the beautiful package but I wasn’t able to, unfortunately I can’t remember everything that was in it. In fact, I couldn’t tell what all was in it because it was over-flowing. I do remember that in the “laundry-sized” basket her team included some hand-made stationary, potpourri, a quilt, a custom picture frame, and a sweet note written on behalf of Grace Church. They also included additional items for the children. The oldest daughter had a backpack filled with items that any 5th-grader would love. The 3rd grade son also had a backpack of personalized items. They included a handful of items for the baby as well.

When I gave them the basket it really meant a lot. They were very thankful and were able to see Christ’s love through it.

What makes this ministry even more astounding? I never put a “request” in. No, Rebble hears about a situation…and she takes charge herself. That is awesome!

So, Rebble, thanks. I can’t tell you how much it meant to be able to give something so special to my neighbors. You have done a fabulous job of coordinating the team of individuals that are in this ministry. May God continue to bless this ministry and all of the people involved.

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