Monday, October 10, 2005

I'm so tired...and random.

I don't know about you but my body can't function without sleep. I just don't know how doctors do it - the whole residency thing. Even firemen, don't they have like 3-day shifts? I go a couple of days with staying up past midnight and I'm done for. What's bad is that I'm not just tired but when I'm tired I get very emotional and very lazy.

Monday's are supposed to be laundry and clean the house day...but I'll be lucky to just get it picked up from the weekend.

Dealing with the whole emotional husband gave me some samurai insight. No, he's not a samurai...yes, I'm gonna butcher this great analogy...I'm dealing, hang with me.

So, the theory is something about a samurai is trained to react to situations like water does. Meaning, if a small pebble is thrown in a lake the water responds with small ripples. The larger the rock, the larger the response of the water. The water doesn't respond with huge crashing waves should just a small pebble be tossed at it. This is how we should respond to situations. All of this to say....when I'm tired I'm emotional and I tend to respond with huge, crashing waves and the tiniest little pebble. Hence the way my day has gone.

Tiny pebbles, Bek, tiny pebbles.

That's what I keep trying to tell myself to keep my "challenges" from today in perspective. Because I know if I wasn't so tired, they wouldn't even be challenges.
The fun thing about days like these is that I do tend to talk with God more. Hmmm, or is it whine? Either way. I'll survive.

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