Thursday, September 22, 2005

Boys Are Gross

I grew up in a house full of women, and a family full of girls. My father was outnumbered 3 to 1 in my house. In my family, I have 7 female cousins to the 1 male. And I was a teenager before my boy cousin entered the picture. So needless to say I didn't grow up around boys.

Now that I'm a mother to a boy I am astounded at how gross they really are. Boys are filthy little creatures. They naturally seek out mud puddles to jump in, love squishing bugs, and get giddy anytime a person seems remotely disgusted by any of their actions.

You would think I would have accepted this by now, but somehow Joe continues to keep grossing me out and leaving me nauseous.

So what's the latest story? Tonight I heard him walk to the bathroom to take care of business. His aim is usually good so I don't worry about him going solo. He's learned to flush then wash his hands when he is done. He has been known to play in the bathroom sink with the water when washing his hands so an extended visit in the bathroom isn't too alarming.

BUT...(there's always a but) tonight I heard some unusual sounds. The sounds I heard were not of hands "splash" splashing water in the sink. No, what I heard was "splosh" and "splat." As a mom, that's when I get nervous and run.

Picture this: My son facing the toilet, diaper around his knees, wet toilet paper in the bowl, and my sons arms shoved in the toiled to his elbows. EEEWW!!!!

My spine quivers at the remembrance of the moment. My tummy is still queasy. Yuck!

I can't even explain how disgusted I was. Lord, I hope this doesn't get worse as he gets older.

Please, anybody out there with boys...please tell me they don't get more gross as they grow up. Please tell me that they gain sense at some point. Give me a little hope here, people.

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