Monday, September 12, 2005

Communication Builds a Team

Have you ever been part of a team that really "clicked"? A team that really got along, stayed focused, and accomplished great tasks? If so, what do you think was the reason for the success?

I've been involved in the weekend services at Grace Church for a couple of years now. Mainly involved in dramas, directing, and stage management. I'm a bit of a catch-all you could say. I've seen our Weekend Service Team (WST) evolve from 3 individual teams (including lights, audio, media) to one (1) team made of several units. Those units now go beyond Lights, Audio, and Media. It now also includes Stage Crew, Usher Team, Parent Room Team, Break-down Team, and, Lord, I hope I haven't left any one out!

When I first started helping with the weekend services at Grace every team worked independently of each other. However, the team has grown and evolved. Do you know what the turning point for our team was? COMMUNICATION! Here are a few steps that our team took that has led to its growth through communication.

  1. Walkie-Talkies: This will probably sound crazy to a lot of people but we purchased a few sets of walkie-talkies. We began to work as a "team" by constant communication during the services. Cues would be given for turning mics on and off, for stating issues that needed to be resolved, cuing ushers to stand-by for offering...basically anything that needed to be communicated. Now, I know for those of you who are at established churches this may seem trivial. But for us little churches, that are building teams, this was a huge win. We've tried to establish "lingo" and protocol to make our comments quick and to the point...but I am known as the Queen of Monologuing. Try as I may - I just can't get my point across in simple words. Monologue, monologue, monologue. I just can't help it!
  2. Hands-On Meeting: We also instated a team meeting prior to the services to have a run down of the services' events and prayer time. This has been awesome. It gives our team and time of stillness before the service (short as it may be) and a time of prayer to keep us focused.
  3. Weekly E-mails: Our Worship Director, Ben Abu Saada, sends out a weekly e-mail with our Order Of Worship. He gives each team a heads up on their tasks for the weekend and any other necessary information. Usually the same info given at the Hands-On meeting but repetition is key.
  4. Monthly Team Meetings: The last Tuesday of each month we have a team meeting to review the worship services, discuss ways to improve, and celebrate our accomplishments. It is yet another opportunity to communicate and work as a team.

So - this is my take on our Weekend Service Team and why I think it has grown to be such an awesome team. Please let me know what you think helps to build team growth and what actions you would recommend for continued growth.

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