Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Greatest Show on Earth

We went to the circus last night and had a blast! Brian and I both agreed it was the best circus show we've ever seen. If you get the opportunity - go! The acts they have just keep getting better every year. Some of our personal highlights from this year's show:

-Preshow three ring adventure. We arrived an hour early and were able to join in the various preshow activities on the floor. You can see some of the animals up close, interact with the clowns, get autographs, try on costumes, and so much more. The kids really enjoyed this.

-It's an upside down world. These two clowns dangle like bats more than forty feet up in the air. They juggle, dribble a basket ball, and dance all upside down! It was amazing.

-The classic clown car. We counted 10 clowns climbing out of the Volkswagen like car.

-Crazy Wilson . This man is just that...crazy. He climbs this giant pendulum that has a turning wheel and does flips and crazy jumps both in the wheel and on it. And then he continues his testing of fate by combining a high-wire act with trampolines. Crazy.

What topped it all off was that Brian's brother, Tom, surprised his family with tickets and we ran into them before the show and enjoyed the preshow together. Ah, what a fun time.

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