Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Day Has Come

So, I knew this day was coming. The day that my son would "discover" his bike.

He's been riding a bike all summer (with training wheels of course). Then a couple of days before his 3rd birthday a neighbor of ours gave him a hand-me-down bike that was a bigger bike. This bike was a 16" bike and needed a little TLC. But having a handsomely-handy-dandy dad it was not going to be a problem getting this bike into shape. Dad replaced grippers, added training wheels, fixed the handle brake and TA DA! a new bike.

Joe's been on his "new" bike for the past 3-4 weeks. But it wasn't until today that he had the comfort level to begin to "discover" the biking world that belongs mostly to little boys.

On the way to take sister to school he began to go faster than he has before. Then, by the time we were at the school....yes...his first "bike trick". He leaned forward and shot his little legs straight out behind as the bike moved forward. I like to call this trick "The Dead Man's Flight".

But, it didn't stop there. He discovered the "Brake Skid" trick. Where you begin to accelerate then slam the brakes in for a fun skid.

It continued.

The last and final discovery for the morning: "The Handle Bar Brake Gun"
Apparently I've been miseducated all of these years. Those squeezy metal bars on the handles aren't a brake at all. They are guns that come complete with vibration motors for rumbling action.

Ah, they joys of boyhood.

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