Wednesday, July 06, 2005

TREEmendous TREEhouses

Over the weekend we visited Powell Gardens' summer exhibit TREEmendous TREEhouses. I'll have to admit that the name of the exhibit is slightly misleading. I had thought the houses would be more typical and interactive for the children. Apparently these 10 tree houses were designed through a regional competition among architects, artists and landscape architects, whose goal was to be these mysterious, whimsical, and surreal structures – none of which represent your typical backyard tree house. The goal was to educate visitors about the benefits of trees - not to let kids run wild and crazy climbing like little monkeys.

That being said....we did have a lot of fun. A couple of the tree houses were interactive enough to entertain. They have them spread along the grounds in a way that keeps you moving and interested. Just inside the main building there is an area where kids can paint a pot for only $3.00 and bring home a beautiful flower. If you do choose to paint a pot do it before heading out to the trail, it will give the pot time to dry inside and you can pick it up on your way back out. The kids enjoyed it and it was wonderful family time spent together. I would definitely recommend the exhibit to anyone interested, as long as they understand they aren't your typical tree houses.

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