Monday, June 27, 2005

QuikTrip DOES Rock!

My husband posted a blog titled QuikTrip Rocks and I can't agree more. Yesterday I wanted to stop by a convenience store to pick up some sodas because nothing beats an ice-cold fountain drink on a hot day. There are two convenience stores near our home, neither is a QT and there really aren't any QTs that are close. The first convenience store I went in to had run out of diet caffeine free coke, after I finally got his attention (it took several, "excuse me, Sir"s) I mentioned politely that the soda was out. He rudely looked at me and said, "I know". So I asked, again politely, if there was any more that he could set up. Do you know what he said?!! "I don't even know" without any intention of going to the back to look. ARGH!!! I can't stand rude people. After that, I of course wasn't going to make any purchase there -I probably would've sought a different option but the thought of giving them any business after that kind of treatment make me nauseous. I left. Across the street was another little convenience store; with great hesitation (and thirst) I was going to give it a try. I looked and didn’t even see any caffeine free options and even if I wanted to ask the attendant for assistance I wouldn’t have been able to because he was too busy taking a personal call on his cell phone!!!
So, what can we learn about barrier busting from this experience? I pray and hope that any visitors to our church do not get treated in this manner. I pray they are not spoken rudely to for asking an “obvious” question. And I pray if they do have the desire to ask a question that our members aren’t so busy “taking personal calls” or busy talking to their circle of friends that they can seek help. As a church we need to focus on excellence in service. Let’s try and make an impression that will leave visitors desiring to return for more.

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