Thursday, June 09, 2005

So, what's the sitch?

We collected all 52 cards!!!! Plus a bonus card and approximately 156 duplicates (sarcastic tone implied).

For those of you unfortunate people who haven't been so lucky as to stumble into the Kim Possible world of your average teenage cheerleader. She can save the world, do her homework, and update her wardrobe -- and that's just on a school night!

One trait (I haven't decided if it's good or bad) that my daughter has picked up from me is one of persistence. So, when we stumbled --by that I mean I would have never taken this path had I know its destination -- upon Kim Possible's So the Drama trading card page I should've known what was going to happen. The 6 cards we collected on that day would not be complete without the remaining 46 (and, lucky me, the bonus 53rd card!). So we would log in daily to collect cards. The first week really wasn't so bad since we were just beginning. But day after day and more duplicates arrived the persistence of my daughter slowly turned into passion and then into obsession. Can you believe I would let her log on 2 -3 times a day just to collect cards! You bet I would, because I knew we wouldn't stop the craze until all the cards were collected. And printed. And cropped. And glued.

Ah, we've arrived at the end of the craze. Be ware parents....Disney is always finding clever ways to hook your kids into these never ending journeys.

But, as Kim says, no big. It's so not the drama.

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